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Kevin Manley
Chief Technology Officer

It all started with a personal frustration that turned into a mission: Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to never overpay for energy and beat the utility price? Lucky for all of us, give a mission to a U.S. Air Force veteran and you know they’ll follow through. Kevin Manley took the focus and determination he honed as an engineer in Operation Desert Storm, married it with his 25 years of hands-on experience as a software architect and developer for the world’s largest hedge fund, and created the engine that powers Viv’s unique rate+quality algorithm, AutoPilot.* A strong believer in the transformative potential of radical transparency, and inspired by Cami and Rob’s track record of positive social and environmental change, Kevin is dedicated to using his technological talent and skills to put a better life within everyone’s reach.



Watching MacGyver on Friday nights with the kids

"Shoegaze" music

Any Mexican restaurant with Mariachis (and Margaritas)