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Robert A McFadden
Chief Sales Officer

Rob’s two decades of industry experience run the full gamut, from start-ups on shoestring budgets all the way up to an established giant worth $38 billion. His passion for this line of work was inspired early: Rob grew up in a home that hosted the first meeting a company that now holds a spot on the top 20 of the Direct Selling News Global 100. But inspiration is one thing; dedication is quite another. It is Rob’s dedication that allowed him to grow his first team to 26,000 members. It is his dedication that has led him over the years to find the best ways to inspire and motivate leaders. His dedication has enabled him to grow companies that both make money and make a difference. And his dedication has helped him find ways to protect the environment and bring light to people in the most tucked-away corners of the world. Rob’s leadership as Chief Sales Officer for Viv is guided by the merging of inspiration, dedication and imagination – as he finds ways to leverage the power of network marketing to once again make a difference through serving others.



NO DRAMAS: I like reality TV shows, American Ninja Warrior is my jam

I would sell a kidney for Chocolate/Almond covered ice cream bars

Hangin' with my kids doing ANYTHING is better than everything else in the world.