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Certified tech experts

online or on site. 24/7.

Have you ever spent hours working on a project when suddenly your computer freezes? What do you do? You try everything to get your computer to respond until ultimately you face your worst option—force shut down. You hope your file is still there when you start your computer up, but what if it isn’t?

With TechRescue, you can get technical problems resolved immediately and affordably without having to visit a repair shop or wait for a technician to come to you.

More than 14,000 certified technicians across the U.S.

How does
it work?

With TechRescue, you have on-demand access to certified technical experts who can positively resolve 98% of technical issues online by secure remote access within minutes. All from the comfort of your home! Plus, you will receive commercial grade antivirus / antispyware software to provide the ultimate protection for your computer devices. Get remote assistance with:

  • Software installation
  • Operating system issues
  • System maintenance & performance
  • Digital music issues
  • Printers/scanners
  • Software issues
  • Internet/email issues
  • Virus/spyware removal
  • Data backup
  • Diagnostics
  • Handheld devices
  • Smart devices in your home
  • … and more!

Remote tech support

TechRescue provides immediate professional phone or online support when you have a technical issue with software installation, or with electronic devices such as a computer, laptop, printer, smartphone or other streaming media device.

Antivirus software management

TechRescue comes with Class I antivirus, antispyware software that will block concealed programs that track your online and offline activity including password stealers, Trojan viruses, worms, keystroke loggers and other malware.

On-site experts on call

If by a small chance your technical issue cannot be resolved remotely over the phone or by securely accessing your electronic device remotely, a local technician can be dispatched to resolve your problem at your home or office.

Secure self-help library

Get member only access to our brilliant knowledge base of over 120,000 support tips and tools for both software and hardware issues.  No more calling company-to-company to solve multiple problems.

With smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, desktops, music devices, streaming media devices and more—we live in an increasingly digital world! Why not have an expert at your fingertips, anytime, from the convenience of your own home?


Be rescued by one of our amazing geeks.  Let our award-winning team help you with all your tech needs, day and night.

included in the

Pro Membership


Or purchase TechRescue
separately for just $19.99/month

Unlimited 24/7 remote tech support with no time restrictions

Whole house coverage for all devices—no limitations

On-site experts on call (over 14,000 technicians nationwide)

Bit Defender commercial-grade antivirus and internet security software (for PC users)

Support for multiple platforms and operating systems

Self-help database for those who prefer to DIY

Free optimization recommendations to improve computing experience


Why would I purchase TechRescue?

TechResue means you have 24/7 on-demand access to skilled and reliable technicians who will assist you with all your technology needs, day or night.  Enjoy whole house coverage for all devices in your home and have access to a self help database if you prefer to DIY.  We also offer discounted on site technical support for any issues that cannot be solved remotely.

What is the cost for this product?

TechRescue is $19.99 per month for a single subscription, or purchase with any 3 or more Viv Lifestyle Products and save 50% on each product, meaning you pay just $10 per month for TechRescue!

How does TechRescue work?

Our TechRescue product makes technology work for you and provides immediate support when you have a problem or a new project. We offer three easy-to-use solutions.

  1. Phone: Our award-winning technicians can solve the majority of problems remotely over the phone.
  2. Internet: Our technicians can fix the problem through live chat and remote screen sharing.
  3. On-site support: If a remote technician cannot resolve the problem, a local technician can be dispatched to resolve your issue at your home or office. Our nationwide network of technicians is the largest in the United States, consisting of more than 14,000 trained and insured support technicians.

How does a remote technician take control of my screen?

One of our trained technicians will send an electronic authorization form to you online or over the phone. Once you authorize the technician to fix the problem, your computer system will connect to our software-based program, allowing the technician to view your screen remotely and fix the problem while you watch. At any time you can take back control of your system by simply moving your mouse. You no longer have to pack up your system and deliver it to the repair shop. This solution is secure, easy and immediate.

Is Remote Screen Sharing safe and secure?

The system uses 128-bit encryption to ensure remote screen sharing is secure and safe to use. You as a member must initiate and authorize Remote Sharing prior to any sharing taking place. Once you authorize Remote Screen Sharing, our technicians only fix the problem you requested and you can take back control of your system, at any time, by simply moving your mouse. At the end of a session, the screen sharing program is immediately removed from your computer. The removal of the software takes approximately 30 seconds.

How long does a remote support session take?

Most issues are usually resolved within a few minutes. However, some issues can take longer. There is no time limit or timeout; your assigned technician will do their best to resolve your issue in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.

Are your technicians qualified?

Yes! And they are amazing at what they do. Our remote repair technicians won PC Magazine’s editor’s choice award, and all our onsite technicians must maintain a 4-star rating. Moreover, all remote support technicians are based in North America. Specific qualifications include: MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) A+ certification, Level I, Level II, and Level III. All technicians are highly trained in all operating systems and devices, including Apple.

What can your technicians fix remotely or over the phone?

Our technicians can fix most software and system problems remotely. If our technician determines that your system has a hardware issue, an onsite technician can be dispatched (additional fees may apply).

Do you have technicians who can come to our home or office?

Yes, we have over 14,000 certified and insured technicians who can fix the problem for you in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. Most on-site support calls can be completed the next business day. Note that there are additional fees for a technician to visit your site.

I just want to speak to a human. Is there a number I can call?

Yes! The contact details for TechRescue will be detailed within your customer portal when the products are live. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service!

When will I be billed again?

With your monthly TechRescue subscription, you will be charged automatically each month on the anniversary of when you enrolled.  For example, if you enrolled on the 1st of the month, you will be charged again on the 1st of each consecutive month.

Can I see my billing history?

Yes, your full billing history is available from your online member portal. You will receive instructions on how to access your account right after you sign up. All your Viv product and service subscriptions are in one convenient place.



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