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People participating in “alternative work arrangements” has increased 50% in 10 years. Why? Because being your own boss has benefits that can’t be found in traditional work arrangements.

Here are 5 ways being your own boss empowers you and allows you to build a better life.

1. Make Your  Own Schedule

When you’re your own boss, you get to decide when and how long you work each dayif you choose to work that day at all!

Flexible schedules are great options for parents who want to work and care for their children, college students with demanding course schedules, older workers who no longer wish to work full hours but want to supplement retirement income, and really anyone.

Setting your own schedule gives you time to enjoy the people and things you love while still making an income.

2. Beat to Your Own Drum

Do you like to work from your couch in sweatpants while you blast your favorite playlist? Cool. Would you prefer to sit at the back table of your local coffee shop? That works too.

Being your own boss means you can work YOUR way. From the clothes you wear, to the device you work on, to whom you interact with, there are no rules when you work for yourself. As long as you’re doing the work you set out to do, it doesn’t matter how you get there.

3. Work-Life Balance

About ⅓ of professionals globally say that work-life balance is getting more difficult. Having work email on our phones and constant internet access makes it hard for people to disconnect from work, even when they are doing other things.

When you are your own boss, that’s not the case. There’s nobody to email you at unreasonable hours or ask you to stay late to meet deadlines, interfering with your personal life. You have the freedom to enjoy other aspects of your life without the pressure of a traditional job’s rat race.

4. Motivation

It’s hard to stay motivated when you are not truly engaged with your work. Many people just go through the motions because they feel like they have to, but don’t actually feel fulfilled by what they are doing. Over time, staying in that kind of situation causes people to burn out and eventually resent what they are doing.

Being your own boss means you are participating in work you really enjoy. Although you don’t have a traditional boss giving you feedback or criticism, you become intrinsically motivated when you really enjoy what you do—and that’s more than enough.

If you are still worried about motivation, though, you can build a network of like-minded individuals who inspire one another and give feedback and support.

5. Empower Yourself & Others

Very few traditional jobs let you have all the above benefits, while letting you empower yourself and others. Being your own boss lets you take control of your life, set goals and make positive choicesand help others do the same!  

A perfect example of an opportunity to empower yourself and others is being a Viv Life Consultant. Unlike franchises and traditional businesses where you need large investments (and large risk), with Viv, you only need a small investment to get started and you will be on your way to earning income in just a few days.

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